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The Class

Currently classes take place on Monday nights and Friday nights at the Burton Judokwai, Broadway Street, Burton on Trent at the following times:


General Class 7.30 to 9pm
Advanced class [All Students welcome] 9 to 10.00 pm

Classes are £8 per week which allows participation in both Monday and Friday classes.

Your first lesson is free however you will need to have insurance which is £7 for the year and is payable for the first lesson.

Memebership to the organisation is £20 per year.

What do I need to wear?

Initially you can wear any loose and comfortable clothing eg jogging tops and bottoms, however, suits are available to purchase from the club.

You will need to wear appropriate footwear when walking from the changing room to the practice area (the mat). Slippers, sandals or flip-flops are suitable. Zoris (traditional straw ‘slippers’) can be bought from the Club.


All martial arts have a grading system, usually indicated by wearing coloured belts. Progression through the grades is voluntary, although most people choose to take gradings. 

In Aikido, beginners start with a white belt and then move through yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black belts.